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For a limited time, we are currently accepting holiday property listings for completely free. This means that anyone who lists their property NOW will be accepted for free (providing their listing is complete). There will be no fees to pay for listing your property or for taking any enquiries or bookings!

But to get this free offer, you must signup now. This is because we are soon to add a paid membership. So anyone to signup now before we start this will get a free listing for the entirity of their lisitng, even after paid memberships have started.

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Its easy and a manual process at the moment, email us direct on: [email protected] or use the contact form below with your contact information.
At first we need your details, name, address and email address - make sure this is correct.
We will then send you the property form for you to complete and email us photos.

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Caravan Lettings Office: Popeshead Court Offices, York, YO1 8SU

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